Production Sound - Film, Commercial, Television, Doc/ENG, Music Video - 

Location sound recording and mixing : Post audio mixing and cleanup : Music recording, mixing & mastering

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Barcelona, Spain /  Los Angeles, Ca


Watts Audio utilizes only the best audio equipment available. Also backups of essential items are always on hand to ensure production delays are non existent.

:Equipment List:


Audio Production Equipment

Portable Feature/Television Kit

Ultra portable ENG/Documentary kit

Sound Devices 688 multi-track recorder with CL-12 Mixer

Multiple channel lectrosonics wireless

Sound Devices 633 portable multi-track recorder

Lectrosonics SMQV wireless

Lectrosonics wireless camera links

10x Comtek wireless monitors

Wireless boom kit

Sennheiser, Sheops & Sanken microphones

Sanken Cos-11 and countryman B6 ultra miniature lavs

Denecke TS-3 compact smart slate

Denecke Lock-it Box


Protools 12 Suite